Low voltage, voltage transformers US 1,2m type

Low voltage, voltage transformers US 1,2m type

The use of voltage transformer , enabling the indirect measurement of voltage , has on aim:

  • assurance the staff operating measuring instruments and relays in the switching station safe conditions of the work
  • enabling the standardization of measuring instruments and relays

Voltage transformers are designed for supplying measuring and protective circuits of electrical power devices.

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I. Voltage transformers US 1.2m type; 400:√3 / 100:√3 V/V; rated power 2.5 VA; accuracy class 0.5; test voltage Up=3 kV

II. Voltage transformers US 1,2m type; 1000 / 100 V/V; rated power 7.5 VA; accuracy class 1; test voltage Up=6 kV

Caution! Other parameters available on request.